Basic kata moves – 1/26/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us work on kata specific kihon today.

Warm up with some kata…

We started with our own kata first.  Next we did the first five moves of every kata that we knew in succession.  When we finished the first kata, we moved right into the next kata.

Stances and kihon…

For the next drills, we got a partner and stood across from them.  We started in a ready stance and did punches.  Next, we turned our toes in and did more punches, then we stood in sanchin dachi and did punches again.  We also cat stance, horse stance, front stance and cross leg stance with punches.  This was a serious leg workout.

Kata parts….

Next we worked on parts of kata.  We started in a horse stance and did the twisting blocked to the left and right.  Then came horse stance with palm heel strike.  Then double and triple movements like Jion.  Then palm heel to double block back stance with hook punch.  Then the same move but with the rising elbow strike about the double block.

We finished class with some bunkai.  We did stop a punch with a front hand block, grab the back of our partners head and smash it into our elbow then crank the neck and throw them to the floor.  Needless to say, we did this movement really slowly.

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