Back to kumite – 1/12/10 – Tuesday Karate class

After the testing session ends, Sensei Noia has us spend the next three months focusing on kumite and today was the start.

Back to kumite basics….

Sensei has us start working some simple attacking drills with our partner.  One partner stood in a fighting stance while the other shifted in and out attacking five times.  We started with either jab or reverse punch to the face.  After a few times, Sensei had us rate each others attacks.   Was the punch close, did we move in and out quickly and did we keep our focus were a few of the criteria that we used to grade our partner.

Next, we did a similar drill but our partner could block our attacks.    We also did the same sparring drill but moving down the line to a new partner after each attack.  Also, between most of these drills we did push ups for total of somewhere upwards of a hundred.

Time for free sparring….

After the basic kumite drills, we were able to do some free sparring.   We started with our partner and then switched and got a different partner two more times.  We did a couple of sparring matches were would could only use our upper body to attach and then again but only using kicks for attacks.

Even though I felt that my kumite skills were pretty good  at my exam, today made me feel that I still have long way to go.

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