More kata – 12/08/09 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia gave us another excellent class today.  He was giving everyone who needs to test some last minute tips and tricks.

Warm up that caused cramps…

Sensei Noia had us start out with a couple of laps around the dojo.  Next, he had the black belts on the front line doing push ups, the 1st and 2nd Kyu’s on the middle line and the third Kyu’s on the back line.  For 30 seconds or more, the first line did push ups, the middle did sit ups or crunches and the back line did mountain climbers.  After the time was up, we switched lines so that we all did all three different movements.  By the time I got to my 40th crunch my abs were cramped like crazy.  I was certainly warmed up though.

Kata, kihon, kata, kihon and so on….

After the warm up, we started with Heian Nidan.  After that we did Heian Shodan, then Heian Sandan, then Heian Yondan, Heian Godan and then Tekki Shodan.  Doing all these kata’s in a row is always a good workout and today was no different.

Next, Sensei had us work on some kihon drills.  We did four movements, moving forward or backward, in a different stance each time with a block or punch.  For example, we did front stance with front punch, then back stance with knife hand, then horse stance with double outward block followed with cross-leg stance with low knife hand block.  We then followed that up with the same drill but we added a punch to each movement that had a block.

The next drill was moving forward, two step, with a different block and punch combination each time we stepped.  For example, moving forward with downward block and reverse punch along with rising block with reverse punch.  Another was moving forward with inward block with reverse punch and then outward block with reverse punch.  This was a really cool drill.

The last kihon drill that I recall was moving forward two steps with a block punch combination then turning with a downward block and reverse punch combination.  It was very hard to keep my stance from going to wide while doing this drill for some reason.

Back to more kata.  We did Jion as Sensei counted.  Even though this kata is all basics, it is still really hard.  After that, we did Bassai Dai as a group while Sensei counted out each move.  After that, we did a kata of our choice.  I did Heian Sandan since I want to work on that kata again and one final kata, I did Heian Godan to totally exhaust myself.

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