Lots of kihon drills – 12/7/09 – Monday Karate class

Sensei Brien spent the class today, giving the rest of the students who need to test some last minute polish.

Lots of kihon…..

We worked on a lot of basic kihon drills.  We started in a horse stance doing punches and blocks.  Next we did kihon drills, moving forward with front punch, triple punch and various block and punch combinations.  We also worked on moving forward and backward with knife hand block, front snap kick and spear hand.

Sensei then had us work even harder.  We did movements such as moving forward with front snap kick across the entire dojo and back.  I counted the movements and it turned out being over 50 movements.  We also did back stance with knife hand block.  One of the hardest drills was moving forward and backward doing roundhouse kicks while we held our hands on our heads.  This was an extreme core exercise and my abs felt like they were being squeezed.

It was a great class but one that I should have sat out of since I hadn’t recovered from my exam yesterday.

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