Work on what you need to work on – 11/23/09 – Monday Karate class

Sensei Brien had us work on our exam preparation again.

Work on what you need to fix…

This was an interesting class today.  Sensei Brien had us work on some kicking drills as other kihon for a warm up but then he had us do something very different.  Sensei told us to work on kihon that we need to improve.  I had more than enough things to work on but this was a really neat concept.  I worked on moving forward with front, side and back kick, moving forward and back with inward block, elbow strike and backfist and moving forward double roundhouse kick.

One point that Sensei made about doing double kick movements is for us to keep the energy going from the end of the first kick to the start of the second kick.  As the foot touches the floor, after the first kick, we should be getting ready to throw the second kick.  The idea is to have the movements flow together.

Next, we worked on kata.  Again, Sensei told us to work on the parts of the kata that we need to improve.  He gave me some excellent advice for the end of Bassai Dai.  Sensei told me to use the draw hand to imagine blocking a punch and then strike with the knife hand block.  This gives the movement a whole different feel.  Instead of hopping into the last move, thinking of the block gives the movement direction and makes it feel move focused and rooted.

It was really different and I got a lot of out of it.

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