Move faster than your partner – 11/17/09 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia packed a lot of work into this class today.  I can hardly remember all of the drills that we worked on but I will do my best.  We started our warm ups running and shuffling from one line to another.

Horse stance with your partner and then the band came in….

We started out in a horse stance across from our partner and did many punches and blocks.  Then we switched to a square stance and did more punches and blocks.

Next, we worked on some elastic band drills.  Both partners stood facing each other with one holding the handles and the other with the band around their waist.  We both stepped back into a front stance and held it while the partner with handles pulled them back to their sides.  If you weren’t gripping the floor with your feet and squeezing with your leg muscles, you were falling over.

We then did another drill where our partner faced away from us, while we held the band, they stepped into a front stance and did a punch or a block while we kept tension on the band.  The drills with the bands are always really hard but effective.  Walking after those was not too easy.

One-step, more basics and kata….

After the band drills, we worked on some more basics.  We worked on moving forward and back into back stance with knife hand block.  The idea was to move faster then our partner.

For one-step sparring we did, front punch to face, front punch to stomach, front snap kick, side thrust kick, roundhouse kick and spinning back kick.

After that, we finished up class with some kata.

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