Kicks and kata – 11/2/09 – Monday Karate class

I don’t remember doing this many kicks in one class in a long time.

Get a partner…

We started out in a horse stance across from our partner.  From there, we did 10 each single punch, double punch and triple punch and then it was our partners turn.  For the next drill, we got a foam pad in stood it on the floor between us.  We then moved into a front stance and alternated kicks back and forth.  We started with front snap kicks and then we moved to front snap kick with roundhouse kick.

Kata and kicks….

For this drill, Sensei Brien had one parter find a place to do their belt kata and the other partner stood off to the side kicking over the foam pad.  We did side thrust kicks with both legs for one drill and front kick, side thrust kick and back kick for the other drill.  Each of us did kata’s.  When doing the single side thrust kicks, I was able to do somewhere around 30 with each leg in the time it took my partner to finish his kata and Sensei to call yame.

Many one-steps….

For the rest of the class, we worked on one-step sparring.  We started out doing head level front punches, 10 stomach level front punches, 10 front snap kicks and 10 side thrust kicks each.  After we did all those, we picked a new partner and did the same drill again.

There was a lot of good, functional training today and I think it really helps.

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