If you stop, there has to be a reason – 11/19/09 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik made a really interesting point today.  He said that if you stop, there has to be a reason.  The point he was making is that if there is a pause in a kata, there is reason for it.  The concept is deeper than those few words but it could mean that your opponent is finished and now you can stop.

Basics are the key…

We spent some time working on kicks today.  We started with knee strike, followed by front snap kick.  The hip had to reset between the knee strike and kick.  If the kick is executed at the end of the knee strike it will be much less effective because the hip is already extended forward.

Next, we worked on roundhouse kick.  Sensei didn’t seem to like our roundhouse kicks so he had us do something a little different.  We did a stationary roundhouse kick to the front but on the retraction, he had us keep our leg straight until it was almost ready to be set back down behind us.  This was a pure hip exercise and not the easiest movement for me to perform.

We also did stepping sideways, side thrust kick.  Then side snap kick and a combination of both.  We also did side snap kick to the side but with our toes pointing to the side, like a front snap kick.

The next drill was a stance training drill.  We started in a back stance, then turned our front foot out to the side and stepped through into another back stance.  Turning the foot first makes this movement a little slower for me but much more technically correct because it forces me to turn on my heel.

Kata from start to end….

We worked on kata for a good amount of time.  We did all of the Heian kata’s along with Tekki Shodan, Jion and Bassai Dai.  The Shodan’s and above also did Kanku Dai.

Some key parts of the kata work was:

In Jion, when going from the back with outward and downward block into  standing , think of the next arm motion as an elbow strike instead of an assisted block.

Sensei had some of us 1st Kyu’s work on the yama zuki from Bassai Dai.  He wants us to punch from the hips and the drill he had us do was punch a pad that he was holding against the wall.  The movement always feel different when we actually hit things.  The idea is to strike with the bottom hand and almost lock the arm to the body and drive the hand into the target by pushing from the hips.  The top hand just stays there kinda loose and the bottom hand does all the work.

Excellent class again!

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