Kick for Cures 2009

Sorry about not having any class updates since Tuesday.  I caught some type of stomach virus and wasn’t able to take class on Thursday.

With that said, no better time than to the present to talk about this years Kick for Cures that my club is sponsoring.  This event helps sick or needy Karate students and their families along with many different charities.  Below is the post that I put on my website with a little more details about Kick for Cures.

If you are a student in the ISKC, please think about doing this event and if you cannot make it to the event, you can always sponsor someone else who is going.  Even if you sponsor someone with something as small as one dollar total, it goes a long way in helping those who really need it.


On October 25th my club, the ISKC, is sponsoring an event to help sick and needy families called Kick for Cures. The way it works, is we go to one of four locations and do 1000 kicks and punches. People sponsor us, either with a per kick donation or a flat amount.

I know that money is tight for everyone and my being out of work for over two years hasn’t left a lot of extra money for me to donate but I am giving as much as I can afford. If you sponsor a single $1.00 that would help these people in need and I am sure it would be greatly appreciated by them.

If you would like to sponsor me you can do so online at: Kick for Cures at

Below is more information about where your donation goes.

Where does the money go?

The money is allocated to 3 funds and 10 Charities that provide support and cure research:

+ Make A Wish
+ Cystic Fibrosis
+ Augie’s Quest
+ American Brain Tumor Association
+ Michael J. Fox Foundation
+ ISKC’s stricken families in need
+ Jennifer Malloy Scholarship Fund
+ Relay for Life
+ Autism Speaks
+ Bear Necessities

If you are in my club, I would like to personally ask you to come out and do this event and show your support not only for our club itself but for our instructors that share and teach us so many good things.

Information about the locations and times of the Kick for Cures event can be found at: Kick for Cures Info.

If you can show up to the event or donate, I would like to thank you in advance for doing so. Again, any little bit helps and even a $1.00 would be appreciated.

Thanks again.


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