Great partners make for great Karate classes – 10/13/09 – Tuesday Karate class

I keep saying that Sensei Noia’s classes keep getting harder and harder but tonight was the hardest yet.  It may have not been that hard for others but I had a partner that pushed me to my limit.

I should have known that the warm up was a taste of what was to come….

We started out with five burpee’s then run to each quarter line and do five more until you end up with around 30 or so.  I couldn’t catch my breath after 11 – 15, I lost count, and ended up standing off to the side.  I hate to do that but I just couldn’t get enough air.  After that, we did low walks all the way across the gym.

Get a partner….

I am very lucky to have some great partners in all the classes I take.  Each and everyone of them makes me better and hopefully, I am making them better too.  Some are great fighters, some are hard workers and others are technical specialists and all of them have helped make my Karate what it is now.

Tonight was different.  I have often partnered up with Sensei Plocharczyk before but tonight was the first time that I pulled out every last ounce of my abilities.  I have never had anyone push me as hard as he did today.  I am just hoping that I was able to return the favor.

Tense those muscles….

Sensei Noia had us start in a ready stance and when he said go, we would tense all of the muscles in our body and squeeze the floor.  He would then walk around to each of us and try to push us out of stances by pushing on our hips or our upper body.  He did these in a similar fashion to intervals where we would tense for 10 to 15 seconds and rest for 5 to 10 seconds for about eight sets or so.

The next drill was in a horse stance, like above.  After that, we did the same drill but our partner would test our stances and make sure that we were squeezing our core by hitting our abs with a good open hand strike.

From this point, the drills became even more interesting.  Sensei had us start in a ready stance but with our toes turned in a little.  From there, we both did double outward blocks.  One of us placed the inside of our forearms against the outside of our partners forearms.  When Sensei said go, we pushed against each other but using our core not our upper body strength until he said rest.  This was intense.

The next drill was similar to above but we did it from a front stance with our arms stretched out in front of us and our palms up.  This a little easier because the lower the stance, the more rooted we were to get and dig in.  It was still intense in its own right though.

We also did some kihon drills.  Moving forward across the dojo we did a sequence of movements from Jion.  We did rising block with reverse punch moving forward, rising block with reverse moving forward again, rising block moving forward and front punch moving forward.  After we did it a few times, Sensei had us do the same drill but before each move he told us to tense and when he said relax, we would move forward as fast as possible and do the movement.

We also did moving forward in back stance with outward block and reverse punch as in Heian Godan and back stance with gedan shuto.


We also did two kata’s.  The first one we did was with no power or speed, only perfect form.  The last kata we did was all out, full power and speed at the end of class.

This was an excellent class and one that I am sure I will feel in my muscles for the next few days!

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