Escalate your intensity in your kata – 10/12/09 – Monday Karate class

Sensei Brien took us through a tough class today.  Sensei said that someone felt that we do not do enough conditioning in our classes and he made sure that it wasn’t going to be an issue today.

A lot of kihon…

Sensei had us start in a horse stance.  From there we did 10 each of front punch, double punch, triple punch and rising block while holding our stance.  After that we pointed our toes out to the sides at a 45 degree angle, shiko dachi, and did the same movements as above.

Next we did 10 each of moving forward and backward with front punch, then triple punch, then rising block with reverse punch and downward block with reverse punch.  After that came moving forward and backward with knife hand block, front snap kick and spear hand.


After 10 minutes or so of kihon, Sensei had us start our conditioning drills.  We started with side planks for 30 seconds each side.  After that, we got into a push up position with our hands close together and from there we held up one leg behind us off the floor for 30 seconds.  The next drill we did was on all fours and from there we brought our knee up to our chest and then did a back kick up and behind us for 10 reps on each side.  For the next drill, we were still on all fours and brought one leg up to the side like a roundhouse, then extended our leg out and pulled it back in for 5 reps with each leg.

We did another drill that we similar to short v-up.  We started, seating on the floor with our knees up near our chest and our arm stretched out in front and from there we leaned back and extended our legs out front of us.  The last drill we did had us in a horse stance with one foot on a pad and from there we pulled the pad from outside in.  Sensei also said that this drill would help with flexibility.

Do your kata with escalating intensity…

Sensei had us work on kata but instead of just doing the movements, he explained that we need to do our kata with a buildup of intensity.  For example, in Heian Shodan, we do the first movement, the downward block strong and the second movement, the punch, stronger.  There also should be a rhythm.  For example, when doing the three punches in Heian Shodan, the first one is done, then a little longer pause before the second and third punch.  For example, bang, pause then bang, shorter pause and bang.

We did Heian Shodan twice, Heian Nidan once and then we each went out to do our own kata.  Sensei told me that I need to stop doing my movements from the chest.

It was a tough class but a good one.

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