Parts of Jion – 9/22/09 – Tuesday Karate class

Very hard class today.  Sensei Noia not only made the class physically hard, it was mentally hard for me.

Get your pads on….

Sensei Noia gave us an interesting warm up tonight.  After we bowed in, he had us get our pads on and get a partner.  He then had us do about five minutes of free sparring to get the blood flowing.  We started with one partner and then got a different partner.  I have to really work on blocking backfists.  My second partner must have caught me half a dozen times with her backfist.  When I would move into attack, she would just step back and put the backfist about a half inch from my face.

After the free sparring, Sensei had us race our partner back and forth across the gym about six times.

Get your focus mitt…

For this drill, one partner held the focus mitt in front of them with it flat and their palm turned up.  We then stood in front of them with our left hand on their right shoulder and our right hand above our head.  We then did the dropping strike from Jion but instead of stepping forward, we stepped back away from our partner so that we didn’t hit them.  The draw hand was the key to my power.  If I just dropped my arm and down into a horse stance there was power but the pulling the draw hand back made a lot more.  We did the drill with both arms.

Next, we did the same movements but without our partner and moving just like the way they are done in Jion.

The next drill was the double block, downward and upward into the rising elbow strike from Jion.  For the first move, your partner held the focus mitt at about thigh level and we did the double block striking the pad on the downward block.  Next, our partner held the pad higher up and we did the rising elbow strike.  A lot of people call that move a block but I like to think of it as a strike, the way that Sensei Cieplik explained it to me.

The next drill started in a cross leg stance with the x-block.  From there we stepped back and did the double downward block, then stepped forward into the double outward block and then into the over head x-block.  We did these movements both separate and in groups but it seems like we spent a lot of time on cross leg stance.  After doing these moves many times, we added the outward block and stepping forward front punch.  The theme tonight for these moves was speed.  Sensei made us do many moves over again because we were moving too slow.

We finished up with some full kata.  Sensei had us do Jion as he counted, moving like we did in the drills above.  For our last kata, Sensei Noia let us do our own kata but he gave us a choice of doing however we wanted.  This meant we could do it all out, slow speed, fast speed, lots of power, low power, just hands, just legs or however we wanted.  I ended up doing Bassai Dai at a speed as fast as I could with less power.

It was really helpful working on Jion like this and I hope that we have a class like this but with the focus on Bassai Dai soon.

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