It’s all about the details – 9/24/09 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik shared some Karate details with us tonight.

Use the hips….

Sensei had us work on a different kicking drill tonight.  He had us stand in a ready stance, put on foot forward, much like a cat stance, push our hips forward and tighten our glutes as if we were doing a front snap kick.  Next, we pulled our leg back and out to the side and bumped our hip out about an inch on side of the leg that we were holding out.  Next, we put our foot behind us, straightened our leg and pressed that heal down as if we were doing a back kick.  Next we brought our foot to the front but our hip over and pivoted our back foot as if we were doing a roundhouse kick.  We finished up by bringing our foot back to the front just like the first move we did above.  The idea behind this was to help us understand the feeling of what our hips should be doing on the various kicks.

Work those stances….

Sensei gave us a drill to help us work on our stances.  We started in the ready stance, moved into a cat stance, put the same leg behind us, then moved back into a cat stance, put the same leg in front, back into the cat stance, repeat the two moves above and then bring the leg back into a cat stance once more and step out to the side into a horse stance.  The concept behind this was to keep our weight loaded on the support leg while moving into the stances and when we put the leg behind, we pushed with it and when we put the leg in front, we pulled with it.  Another very important part is that is helps us maintain posture and keep us from moving with the shoulders instead of the hips.  Sensei suggested that we do this movement a little each day and next week he is going to give us another drill that helps our back stances.

Another drill, started in a front stance, we then push backward off the front leg and as the back foot hits the ground and the leg straightens, we throw a jab.  This creates a feeling of scary power.  And even though you are moving back the power feels as if it is projected forward.

Partner up and use that draw hand….

Sensei had us get a partner to work in some draw hand drills.  Sensei explained that most people will tense up if someone pulls in their front hand.  If they tense up, you can use that against them and pull yourself and your punch into them.  I stood in front of my partner with his front hand out, I then pulled in his hand with my front hand in which he tensed up, which becomes my draw hand, and then shifted in and reverse punched them.  I used his reflex action against him to make my punch stronger and faster.  I don’t recall ever doing a drill where I actually was able to us my draw hand to pull someone into my punch and this feeling was different than anything I recall doing in the past.

We finished up class with some kata.  Sensei had us do Heian Shodan using the feeling that we had from the drill above when we had a move that needed the draw hand.  This adds another dimension to a simple kata.  We then did Jion and Bassai Dai to finish up for the higher belts and the lower belts worked on H1-H5.

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