I haven’t been this sore in some time – 9/8/09 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia gave us a continuation of last Tuesday’s class.

Laps and kata….

Like last week, we did a lap around the dojo and then did a kata.  We started with Heian shodan all the way to Heian Godan, then Tekki Shodan and then our own kata.  I ended up doing Jion since I worked on Bassai Dai the day before.

After the first few laps my legs are spent and I am panting like a dog but I made it through all sever katas and all seven laps.

One-step sparring….

Sensei had us work on one-step sparring but this week he told us to start our attacks with the right foot forward.  We almost always start with our left foot forward so this made me pause a little longer before being attacked.

I think this something that we should practice more often since our attacker might attack us stepping forward with the right foot in real life.

Kihon, kicking it into gear….

The kihon we did last week was mostly punches and block but today Sensei Noia had us work on kicking drills.

We started moving forward with front snap kick, next we did front snap kick with side thrust kick, then came front snap kick, back kick and front snap kick.

Another drill was front snap kick, back kick, front snap kick, back kick and front snap kick combination.  My feet were ready to fall off and my balance was not to good at this point but it was a good drill.

The next drill was horse stance, stepping sideways doing three side thrust kicks at different levels.  For example, we did a low side thrust kick to knee height, then another to belt level and the next as high a possible all without setting our foot down in between kicks.

My legs were  screaming at this point and luckily for me, it was time for class to end.

On another note, Sensei Gatch is now taking the advanced class with us.  I always felt that taking class with my Sensei’s brings up the energy level and now with both Sensei Gatch and Sensei Plocharczyk in class, the energy is through the roof!

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