Fix those kicks – 9/3/09 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik had us work on a lot of kicking drills today and he gave me a tip to help fix my side thrust kick and side snap kick that I never thought of.

Lots of kicking….

After the normal warm up, Sensei had us work on our kicks.  We started with rear leg front snap kick.  Next we moved to front leg toe tag with rear leg front snap kick.

If seemed that Sensei was a little troubled with our kicks so the next movement was knee strike with front snap kick.  The key is to push this hips forward for the knee strike, bring the hips back and then push them forward again for the front snap kick.

Next, we got into a horse stance and worked on moving sideways with side snap kick.  After that we worked on moving sideways side thrust kick and then side front snap kick.

Get a partner and revelation for me…

With our partner, we stood next to each other and one of us held on to the others shoulder.  From there, we brought our knee up for a side thrust kick and our partner took our leg through the motion.  This is where the revelation comes in.  Sensei came over to help me out and I was kicking very low and doing what looked like a back kick.

He told me to open my hips up first, which meant for me to turn my knee out to the side and then throw the kick instead of starting the kick from directly in front of me.  If I start the kick from in front, I end up doing what looks like an ugly back kick but if I point my knee to side before extending my leg, it goes almost straight out to the side and much higher than before.   For the first time in over five years, I was able to do a side thrust kick that actually looked like a side thrust kick.

Another point that Sensei made was for me to use all six joints.  He meant, to use the ankle, knee and hips on both sides of my body to help me execute my kicks.  The combination of all the joints together gives me a much better chance of kicking correctly instead of trying to kick, lets say, with my stationary leg pointed straight ahead, instead of turning it out as I kick and using those joints to assist.


We finished up class with kata.  Sensei made a point about posture while we are doing our kata.  If your posture is good, your kata looks so much better than if you do your kata hunched over.

It was a great class and a huge help to my kicks too.

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