Seiza – 8/11/09 – Tuesday Karate class

This was a really good class and different than any other that I remember.


Sensei Noia had us get into seiza and from that point we did a jodan front snap kick while staying on one knee.  Next, we fell to our side, like in Unsu, and did a side thrust kick.  After that, we did the same move, from Unsu, and did a roundhouse kick from that position.  Between each movement, we had to get back into the starting seiza position.  We finished up this drill with reverse punch, on one knee, from seiza.

Do your kata….

Next, we spent some time with working on kata.  Sensei Noia said we could do any kata we wanted but he wanted us to give a full 100% speed and power.  After sitting in seiza for about a half hour, my legs and knees weren’t working too well but I was able to do what felt like a good Bassai Dai.

Pressure points….

We finished up class working on a little pressure point drill.  Sensei had us get a parnter and hit them with a hammer fist on top of the forearm about an inch or so from the elblow bend.  Not a lot of power is needed to make someones head move downward at a hight rate of speed when using this pressure point.  Sensei Noia was kind enough to come over and show my wife how easy it is to make me drop like a rock when he hit that pressure point on my arm.

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