Old school Karate – 8/4/09 – Tuesday Karate class

For today’s class, Sensei Noia had us go back to some old school training methods.

Warm up with some kata….

We started with heian Shodan through Heian Godan, then Tekki Shodan and our own kata which is Bassai Dai for me.  I always like this type of warm up but I really need to spend more time on my katas.  For some reason, all of my katas, except for Bassai Dai, felt really stiff.

Lets take this outside….

Sensei had us go outside on the hill for some old time partner drills.  We paried up and did inward block, up and down the hill but instead of doing it on the air, we did it on our partner.  Each of us did an inward block to each others forearms.  Sensei Noia wanted us to feel what it is like to be hit instead of just hitting the air.  The idea was to hit with the meaty part of our arms and not bone to bone.  Even though my partner and I tried our best not to hit bone on bone, it happened and it really hurts, especially when your partner is as strong as you.

Next, we worked on outward block and downward block the same way.  Outward block seems to be the least painful while downward block hurts when you hit wrist to wrist by mistake.

Punch and block….

We worked on on partner attacking with a jodan punch and the blocking with a rising, inward or outward block while moving up and downt he hill.  After that, we were added a counter attack after the block.  My partner and I will surely feel this workout in our ribs tomorrow.

What would you do on the street….

We finished up with a drill where one of us was an attacker throwing a sloppy hay-maker punch and the other had to react with a block and counter.  Sensei Noia came over to work with my partner and I and demonstrated how the first move from Heian Nidan was applicable here.  It is a great example of a block and counter at the same time.

It was an awesome class but it feels like my forearms and ribs were hit with a meat tenderizer.

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