Kata details – 8/27/09 – Thursday Karate class

After our warm up, Sensei Cieplik had us start class with some kihon doing normal block and strike combinations along with some kicking drills.

Fast Kihon…

We moved through our kihon drills really fast.  Sensei had us start moving forward and back doing rising block with reverse punch, downward block with reverse punch, inward block with reverse punch and outward block with reversse punch all in high speed.  Normally we pause between each combination of moves but this made it interesting.  I was panting like an old dog.

We also did some kicking drills and spent a good amount of time, moving in a horse stance doing side thrust kicks, side snap kicks and sideways front snap kicks.

Heian Shodan all the way to Kanku Dai…

We spent a great deal of time working on Kata all the way from Heian Shodan to Kanku Dai.  The bad part is that there was so much information, I can hardly remember all that Sensei shared with us.

We normally do one Heian Shodan for a kata warm up and then Sensei has us do it again but with something different.  Today, we did the kata but for the last four moves we did a gedan level shuto instead of chudan shuto.

In Heian Sandan, when doing the side snap kick with back fist, hold the movement and then turn the head to look the other direction, then switch hands and move into the back stance with knife hand but pay extra attention to the elbow strike.

In Heian Sandan, keep the head looking forward when doing the three horse stance moves with block and back fist.

In Heian Yondan, pull the left leg in half way before during the second side snap kick.  Also, after the head smash, look behind and then move into the back stance with knife hand block and pay extra attention to the draw hand elbow strike.

In Heian Godan, stop and pause after the jump before moving into the front stance with double outward block.

In Jion, when you come back into the yoi position, take your time.  This is your rest.  Also, Sensei mentioned that that movement can be done like the end of Kanku Dai and both hands come up high and then move into the ready position.  It’s hard to explain in text but your body looks like a Y and then your hands cross and end up down at each side but a distance away from the sides of the body.

I am sure that I forgot some information here but hopefully this covers most of it.

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