Hardest class ever – 8/18/09 – Tuesday Karate class

After five years, I believed that the hardest classes were behind me.  I thought that since I was this far along I could take any type of punishment after some of the classes that I had in the past.  We can throw that idea out the window.  Sensei Noia gave us one of the hardest, if not the hardest, classes that I remember ever having.

Not for the weak hearted….

We started with the usual warm up by jogging back and forth across the gym eight times.  After that, we did low walks but with a little twist.  We did low walks to the quarter line then 10 squats and back to the start, next we went to the half line and did 10 more squats and back, then we went to the three quarter line and did 10 more squats and back and finally, we went to the end of the gym and did, you guessed it, no, 20 squat this time and back to the start.  My legs were calling me some really nasty names at this point.

For a rest, we all spread out and did a very slow kata of our choice.  I did Heian Shodan since I always like to warm up with that kata whenever I have a choice.

Next, we were supposed to do bear crawls to the quarter, half, three quarter, end and back but I ended up doing low walks again since my coordination for bear crawls is not the best.  Instead of doing squats at each distance, we did 10 push ups at each quarter line and 20 at the end.

For another rest, we did another kata.  This time I picked Heian Yondan since I always like doing this kata.

Low walk kata….

For the rest of the class, we did low walks to each line again but this time we did a kata and then jogged back to the start line.  I did Heian Nidan first, Heian Sandan second, Tekki Shodan third and Bassai Dai at the end.

I think there might have been a couple more katas somewhere in the mix but I might have blacked out or am just trying to block it from my mind.  The moral of this story is, just when you think you have had the hardest training day ever, your Sensei might just prove you wrong.

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