Shifting basics – 7/24/09 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us spend our class working on some shifting drills today.

Shifting the correct way….

One thing I always like about Sensei Noia’s classes, similar to Sensei Cieplik’s classes is that he watches how good or bad we do particular movements at the start of class and adjusts the rest of the class based on our performance.

Because of this, we worked on a lot of shirting basics.  We started with a partner and began to shift in and shift out.  The purpose was to make sure that we keep the correct distance and also move out quickly after we shift in.

After the shifting basics, we worked on sparring drills.  We started with shift in reverse punch, alternating back and forth with our partner.  Next we did rear leg kick and front leg kick, then rear leg kick, shift out twice and then we did then shift our twice, shift back in and counter.

These drills were very basic but a good refresher.

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