On the heels – 7/16/09 – Thursday Karate class

Today, Sensei Cieplik has us work on keeping connection with our heels when doing our movements.

Turn on the heels and push from the hips…

We started class with the normal warm up and then started doing some basic kihon drills.

Early in the class, we started working on Heian Shodan but with extra attention to our turns.  Instead of turning using our shoulders, Sensei had us turn on our back heel into a cat stance and then push our front leg forward to finish the movement.  Turning into a cat stance does a couple of things, it makes us stay connected with the back leg and moving from the cat stance to the front make us drive forward from our hips.  This does slow the kata down for me but if makes it feel much more powerful and accurate for some reason.

We spent the rest of the class working on all of the katas trying to stay connected to the floor while doing them.  We started with Heian Shodan and when all the way to Jion.

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