Lots of kicks – 7/6/09 – Monday Karate class

Sensei Beth Noia ran class tonight and it was one of the harder kicking classes that I have had in a while.

Get a pad and a partner…

We started off with some partner kicking drills.  The first drill had us standing in front of our partner while they held a pad but instead of kicking the pad, Sensei had us extend our foot and touch the pad and when she counted, we had to retract our leg as fast as possible.  We often work on the kick itself but seldom spend time working on the retraction with is often more important.  I ended up partnering with my wife and because of her back problems, I ended up doing the drills both of us and was able to get in the double the work.

Next came side thrust kicks.  Our partner stood in a horse stance and held a pad about waist high.  We then did a side thrust kick and rested our foot on the pad.  Each time Sensei counted, we pulled our leg back into the starting position.  After that drill, we put our pad back on the pad and then as Sensei counted we picked our foot up off the pad and held it up.

Next came some punching drills.  My son partnered up with me for this drill.  One of us held the pad while the other shifted in and reverse punched the pad.  We spent a good amount of time working on some distance drills and then some stationary reverse punch drills.

Walking after this class was a little tough but nothing good comes easy.

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