Are you going to block any time soon – 7/3/09 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Plocharczyk had us work on sparring drills along with some conditioning drills.

Three person Kumite…

Sensei had us start with two partners and by chance, he was one of my partners tonight.  I have seen few people move like him and for every attack of his that I could block, he would have four, five or six more to follow it up with.  We started out with one partner in the middle and the other two on the outside.  For 30 seconds, we would spar one partner and then switch to the other partner for another 30 seconds.  The middle person would switch with one of the others and then the other two would rotate.  This really kept the heart rate up and switching partners with really different styles was rough.

Between the sparring drills, we got a little rest and during that time we did some conditioning drills.  We started with sit ups where one partner would hold my feet and the other would add resistance to my shoulders as I sat up.  Another drill that we did was sit ups while one partner was punching our abs.  As our back went down, our partner would hit our abs to make sure that we were tightening up.

We finished up class with some free sparring and a relay race.  The relay race was all conditioning.  It started out with two of us jumping up and down 10 times off a pad about 18 inches off the floor.  Next we ran to the other end of the dojo, grabbed a swissball and did moving planks across the dojo.  For there, we ran through a series of obstacles on the floor to the finish line.  Luckily, I won and didn’t have to do 25 push ups.

It was a great class but really hard.

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