The results are in, Karate exam results that is – 6/17/09

Testing has come to and end and I am satisfied with the results.

My wife was the first to test and she did an excellent job.  She cleared her keri and is now a full 1st kyu.  My son also did an awesome job by getting four stripes and is now a 1st kyu also.  I am also happy with my own results, I am now a 1st kyu keri.

I went into the this test with a different attitude then ever before.  I was visiting Doc Pusateri a couple days before my test and he told me to “just go there and instead of trying to impress the examiners, just show them what your Sensei’s have shared with you.”  That is exactly what I did and even though I had a lot of injuries and mental baggage going into this test, I was able to come out ahead.  For the first time, I had the attitude that I am here to take my rank not ask for it and my family and friends who saw me at the test said that I did just that.

I am satisfied and hopefully over the next six to 12 months my wife, son and I will be ready to wear black belts around our waists.

Even after five years, I am still unsure about the criteria used for rank examinations.  I am finding that ability to perform the techniques precisely seems to be more important than effort or knowledge of the techniques and Karate in general.  Either way, I am glad it is over and am already working on many of the technique issues that I need to improve on over the next six months.

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