Some new Karate stuff – 6/18/09 – Thursday Karate class

Since testing is all done, Sensei Cieplik shared some new Karate “stuff” with us.

Basic thinking movements…

We started with reverse punch, front leg front snap kick and then jab.  From a stationary front stance we did a reverse punch, from there we did a front leg front snap kick and as we set out foot down after the kick, we threw a jab.

Next, we did front snap kick to the front and side thrust kick to the front but Sensei had us move in such a way to create a block with our kicking leg between the front snap kick and side thrust kick.   This keeps me from dropping my knee between the kicks.

Next came shift jab, shift  jab, shift angle to the side with reverse punch, then shift forward with a backfist.  This a more of a kumite drill than a self defense drill in my opinion but effective none the less.  The key is to prepare for the backfist right after the reverse punch.  Instead of pulling my draw hand to me side during the reverse punch, I kept it in front of my stomach as a blocking move.  From that point, that hand could just fly into the backfist as I shifted forward.

Next came stationary jab, then reverse punch followed with a rear leg  front snap kick.

Get a partner and a pad…

Sensei had us get a partner and a pad for some hitting.  We started with a simple drill where we jabbed to pad to stop out partner as soon as they moved in to attack.  This was a timing drill to help us learn when our partner was going to move before they moved.

Next came elbow strikes to the pad.  Sensei told me to hit the pad on a downward angle with my elbow to “dig in” so to speak.  This feels like a really strong movement.

Kata is always fun to me….

We finished up class doing kata from Heian Shodan all the way to Kanku Dai.

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