Focus, on the mitt that is – 6/23/09 – Tuesday Karate class

Focus mitts was the weapon of choice for Sensei Noia today.

Hit the focus mitt not our partner….

We started out with our focus mitts and Sensei Noia has work on some kicks.  Our partner would hold the mitt in certain spots, next to the head, by the ribs or in front of the abs, and we would have to kick it.  If it was by the head or ribs, we could use a roundhouse kick, if it was by the front of the abs, we did a front snap kick or reverse punch.  When Sensei would count, our partner would put the pad in one of those positions above.  Luckily, my partner would kind enough to hold the pad lower than head height so that I had a chance to hit the pad.

Hit the big pad now….

Next, Sensei had us get a big rectangular pad.  Once we get those pads, we normally pull out the powerful movements.  Along with jabs and reverse punches, we we able to pull out hammer fists, back fists, elbow strikes and knife hand movements.  I really need to spend some time working on my knife hand strike, it feels really weak and my finger hurt like crazy whenever I hit the pad.

Big pads, punches, hammer fist, back fist and elbows.

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