Base, retreat, attack revisited – 6/25/09 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik revisited the base, retreat and attack concept he and Doc Pusateri explained to me in the past.


Sensei had us spend some time on some ten-no-kata moves.  From the ready stance, we stepped forward and did a long front punch really reaching forward, from there we stepped back into the ready stance and then moved into a back stance with knife hand block.  We started with the left foot forward in the front stance and the left foot back in the back stance.  We then repeated the movement with the right leg in front and back respectively.

Hard punches….

This drill worked on the base, retreat and attack concept.  With our reverse hand out, we bent our back leg and loaded our weight on to it into an almost cat stance with very little weight on the front leg.  From there, we pushed forward and as the front foot planted on to the floor we let a front punch fly.  This gave the punch an all new feeling and I actually heard the sleeve of my gi pop as I let the punch go.  I really need to test this out on the heavy back to see what it feels when it connects with something.

Another drill we worked on was standing in a ready stance, we would stand on the middle of our feet (base), we then put our weight back on to our heals (retreat) and then we put our weight on to the ball of our feet and threw a front punch.  I cannot explain the feeling in text and you need to try it for yourself to grasp it.  It took me a good amount of tries to “get it” but once I did, it was easier to keep repeating it.

Step and punch, rinse and repeat….

The next drill was a kumite drill.  For this, we started in a front stance, then we stepped forward twice and did a reverse punch each time.  After that we stepped forward three times with three reverse punches.  The key is to start the first reverse punch when our feet come together after starting to move from the front stance.  It is a good drill to practice since it works very well when free sparring from what I have found.

Heian Shodan with base, retreat and attack….

Sensei had us finished up doing Heian Shodan but he wanted us to use the base, retreat and attack concepts when doing the kata.  The certainly slow the kata a good amount but it gives us another way to do our kata.

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