Back to sparring basics – 6/15/09 – Monday Karate class

This was my day back with Sensei Brien and it was good to be back.

Back to sparring basics…

Sensei had us start with some shifting and distance drills.  We got a partner and shifted back and forth across the dojo while keeping the proper distance apart from each other.  Every now and then, we could break the shifting rhythm and shift in on them while they shifted in.

Next, we continued to work on shifting but the idea was to draw our partner and then attack.  For example, I would shift backward and my partner would shift forward but every once in a while, I would shift back and shift in as my partner was shifting in toward me.  We followed that up with letting our partner block and counter if possible.

The next drill was really basic but something that I feel I need more of.  We stand in place, in a fighting stance, move the front foot only and do a jab and draw back then do a reverse punch.  This is such a simple drill but so fundamental.

We then worked on partner target drills.  Our partner puts a hand up and we have to jab or reverse punch depending which hand they raise.  The left hand would get a jab and the right hand would get a reverse punch.

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