Get ready to test – 5/20/09 – Wednesday Karate class

Sensei DiPasquale gave us a class full of test preparation.

A lot of Kihon….

Sensei often starts us out with simple basic movements and works up from there.  We started with some slow motion stationary front punches to make sure that we engage our core.  Next came moving forward and back with front punch.  After that came combination’s and a drill that I don’t remember doing before.  Sensei had us do a stationary reverse punch, then we switched feet and did another reverse punch.  It was very similar to the double reverse punch that I have worked on in my other classes.

Sparring drills….

Next came sparring drills.  We started out with very simple drills again.  One partner moved in and jabbed to the face twice very slow and on the third jab full speed and power.  Next, we did the same drill but all three attacks were full spend and full power but on one of the attacks, our partner could block and counter with a reverse punch.  After that, we did the same drill but used reverse punch instead.  We followed that with either attack but we switched partners.

For the next drill, Sensei had us work on covering a lot of ground when attacking our partner.  We could throw any two hand attacks but we had to at least score with one on our partner.  I found that doing this drill doing a shift and full step allowed me to cover enough ground to score.  For example, I would shift in and throw a jab and then step forward and jab with the opposite hand.  Even though my partner was much faster, shifting back twice covered much less ground than a shift and a full step.

Finish up with kata….

Sensei had us finish up with some kata.  We did the Heian katas and then we worked on Bassai Dai.  Sensei had us work on parts of Bassai Dai up to the groin strike.  We ended up doing that section of the kata over and over at least five times because of me.  I was not doing the strike in the center and after I fixed that, it was not low enough.  I finally got it right and we moved on to the rest of the kata.

We covered a lot of good material in this class.

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