Bassai Dai details – 5/5/09 – Tuesday Karate class

My arm was much better today.  I am able to tighten my fist again and I can tense my bicep when needed.

Get a partner…

Right from the start, Sensei Noia had us get a partner.  The first drill was partner horse stance punches.  We stood directly in front of our partner and did a jodan front punch.  After that, Sensei had us do sanbon tsuki.  Extended Bassai Dai.

Next came some back stance work.  Sensei had us stand next to our partner and do back stance with knife moving forward and backward.  The idea was to have us do the move faster than our partner while keeping good form.  Doing these types of partner drills really makes me work so much harder.

Next came, back stance moving forward and back.  We would move forward three times and then back once, like the movement in Bassai Dai.   Next, we stood heel to heel with our partner and moved into the front stance position with the reach before kiai.

Use those hips….

Next, we worked on the double blocks from Bassai Dai.  We moved into a front stance with an outward block and then twisted our hips for the reverse outward block.  Sensei wants us to make sure that we snap our hips between blocks.

We then did parts of Bassai Dai from the first move all the way to the first kiai.  We would do the first move a few times, then the first second and third a few times, then the first five moves and so on all the up to the kiai and then a couple moves after.  It was really intense but I think I gave my hips a good workout.

We finihsed up with the entire kata at full power and full speed using the things that we worked on in class.

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