Train harder – 4/15/09 – Wednesday Karate class

Sensei DiPasquale really covers a lot of Karate in his class.

Get it started…

Sensei had us start in a stationary front stance with reverse punch but with our partner holding our leg to make sure that we keep our stance low and our knee in the correct position.  We spent a long time in that stance and then switched to other leg to keep things even.

We also did a horse stance with a double punch, then move into a back stance with knife hand block.  This is very similar to ten-no-kata and I need to add this drill to my training outside the dojo.

Work those legs…

For the next drill, we stood in front of our partner and turned to the side.  Our partner held out their hand at belt level and we raised our leg up, like a roundhouse, and touched their hand with our leg.

Next was slow roundhouse with partner followed up with double roundhouse.

We finished up this group of drills with roundhouse to left then roundhouse to the right without our partner.  Next came double roundhouse of the same.

Partner kihon…

For this drill, we started in a horse stance and did a double block outward block as our partner does a slow chudan front punch.  Next, we did a horse stance with double block, our partner does front punch, as they move back, we change from horse stance to left back stance and then right back stance, and then  then back into horse stance with double block.

Kata and kicks…

We ended class with a series of drills where one partner did kata and the other held on to the wall and did slow back kicks.  Once everyone in the kata group was done with their kata, we switched and they did the kicks and we did the kata.  I think we did at least three or four katas and groups of kicks.  It was a tough drill but a good class overall.

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