Ten-no-kata and kata – 4/29/09 – Wednesday Karate class

My neck and arm felt better during this class but still not 100% but it is improving.


Sensei Bajic worked us hard today.  We spent a good amount of the class working on ten-no-kata movements.  We did the back stance with double block from Jion and then stepped into a front stance with a front punch, from there we moved into the back stance with double block again and kept doing the movement in a square pattern.  We then did a similar movement with back stance, knife hand block with a front snap kick and nukite.  From the front stance we nukite, we started the movement over again forming a square pattern.

Remember all of your kata…

Sensei had us work up all the way from Heian Shodan to Bassai Dai.  I would guess that we did all of those kata in maybe 10 minutes or less and it was taxing on the lungs.

After we did all of the katas, the brown belts each found a spot on the wall and did a kick to the front, side, back and then a roundhouse while the black belts did their kata.  We then switched and the black belts did the kicks while we did our kata.  We swithced places four times

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