Ten-no-kata – 4/9/09 – Thursday Karate class

Basics to see if we can advance….

Even though this is the advanced class, Sensei Cieplik always gives the group a little test at the start of each class.  He wants to make sure that we have sound fundamental kihon movements correct before he moves on to more advanced concepts.

Our warm up drills always has one particular movement where we are in a front stance, put our reverse hand out, do a front snap kick, switch our hands and step back down with a reverse punch.  Sensei watches this drill closely and expects all of us to do it with the same timing.  If we have good timing, we move on.  After our warm up we worked on moving forward with knee strike followed with front snap kick.

Next came front snap kick with front punch but after a few of those, Sensei had us come down into cat stance after the kick and then push our front leg forward and attack with the knee.  This entire drill helps us push from the hips instead of the upper body.  It’s certainly much harder to push from the hips and not do the punch over the top from the chest and shoulders.  This is another key concept that Sensei has told us many times and finally, it is starting to become clear.


I always like ten-no-kata because it just seems neat to me.  There are many different types of ten-no-kata but the idea is the same, do a group of movements both forward and back, left and right but in succession to work on movements that need extra attention or ones that you want to practice.

We started with our feet about a tile square (one foot) apart, bend at the knees and bring them together, push the foot forward into a front stance and throw a front punch but after the foot is in the correct position then pull back to start position and move forward with the right foot.  draw back again and step back with the right foot.  draw back again and step back with the left leg.  We then continue these movements until we do the required number of repetitions or the concept is understood. The idea behind this drill was for us to get the feel of attacking with the knee and pulling our leg forward when we move into our stance before we throw the punch.

One-step sparring

We did the normal one-step sparring drills.  Our partner does the stand attacks, front punch to the face and stomach, front snap kick, side thrust kick, roundhouse kick and spinning back kick while we block and counter and then we switch places.  After we finished that, Sensei had us stand in front of our partner but about 10 feet away, move forward and punch so that you have a target to focus on.


We spent the rest of class working on kata.  We started with Heian Shodan, then Heian Godan,  then Jion and Bassai Dai.

It was an awesome class again but I am sure that there are details that I forgot already.

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