Breath in when you do your kata – 4/8/09 – Wednesday Karate class

Sensei DiPasquale was out of town for the upcoming US Open Karate tournament and Sensei Bajic ran the class today.

Warm up those legs…

We started with a horse stance with front punch, then double punch.  Next came horse stance into front stance to the left with reverse punch then  twist to right with reverse punch.   After that, horse stance to front stance with reverse punch and then front snap kick, step back, twist to right and repeat then back to horse stance.   The last warm up was horse stance to left front stance with front snap kick, step back into back stance with knife hand block then back to horse stance with punch.  It was hard to wrap my brain around some of these combination’s but after a couple, it felt fairly fluid.

Breath in when you do your kata…

Sensei had us work on something I don’t recall working on before.  He had us foucs on taking a breath in before doing the moves in the kata.  Breath in to prepare and then breath out when we do the movement.  He had us work on all of the Heian katas along with Jion, Bassai Dai and Kanku Dai with the foucs.  The little extra focus on that part really made the kata feel much more powerful when doing it slowly.  I am not sure how well I do this when doing the kata at normal speed but I am going to try it out.

It was a very hard class but very good too.

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