So much to learn – 3/26/09 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik had us work on some old and new drills today.


We did the normal warm up and common kihon drills and then we got in to some new drills.  We stood in a front stance, did a front leg front snap kick followed with a rear leg knee strike and front snap kick.  The reason for this drill is to get the hips to retract correctly between movements.

Sparring drills…

Sensei had us work on some sparring drills next.  The first drill was shift forward with a jab.  Next came two shifts and two jabs.  This was a warm up for the next drill.  Next we did shift forward with jab, then half step with reverse punch and follow up with a rear leg front snap kick.  It took a little time to wrap my brain around this drill but once I got it, it felt fairly smooth.


Sensei had us work on some kata bunkai next.  We started with Heian Nidan.  Our partner attacked with a hiato, we did the first move of the kata, stepped back into a back stance with the rising/outward block, our partner then threw a front punch with we blocked with the second move of the kata, we then grabbed their punching hand, pulled them in and strike their ribs with the third move from the kata.

Here is one of my favorite applications from Heian Shodan.  We started with move three, the downward block from a front snap kick attack.  Next, the attacker kicks again and we strip the kick and pull them toward us and then land the hammer fist.  Who would have thought that such a simple group of movements could be so effective.

We worked on some kihon bunkai too.  Inward block, elbow strike backfist.  We have worked on this drill before but today, Sensei said to get in behind our attacker and pull their knee back.  For example,  our partner attacks with a front punch, we block with a left hand inward block, we then grab their hand with our right hand, get our left leg behind then in a horse stance and backfist them in the face.  The reason to get behind them with the horse stance is to pull the leg back and make then learn forward as we are doing the backfist.  It’s a bit rough on the knees but effective.


We spent the rest of the class working on some kata.  We started with Heian Shodan and did each Heian kata after, then Tekki Shodan, then Jion and Bassai Dai.  We then worked on Kanku Dai but I couldn’t remember more than the first few moves.

* After class, Sensei gave me a tip to sit back when I am in my sparring stance.  This allows me to move from my lower  body instead of my shoulders like I have been doing for so long.  Sitting back in my fighting stance  lowers my center of gravity.

It was an awesome class as always.

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