Reverse blocks – 3/31/09 – Tuesday Karate class

Kata warm up…

Sensei Noia has us start with kata from Heian Shodan all the way to Tekki Shodan.  After we did those, Sensei had us do one of the Heian katas, except Heian Shodadn, of our choice but the catch was that we had to do it mirror image.  I picked Heian Yondan and oddly enough it wasn’t too terrible.  It actually felt somewhat natural.


Next, Sensei Noia had us work on some basics.  We started in a horse stance and did front punch about 100 times.  Next, we moved from a horse stance to a front stance with front punch and then back into a horse stance with front punch.  We then did the same foot movements but with sanbon tsuki when we returned to the horse stance.

We also spent some time working on our front snap kicks, along with front punch too.

Reverse blocks…

After about 45 minutes, Sensei had us work on some reverse block movements.  The idea was to work our minds after we were all very fatigued.    We did moving back and forth, reverse rising, downward, inward and outward blocks.

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  1. prasenjit sengupta says:

    hi sensei,
    i am a student of shito-ryu karate.i am interested in hard karate workouts sugessted by experts.please help me to be a class A warrior.

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