Kick your partner – 2/17/09 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us work on some focus mitt drills today.

Focus on the pad and don’t hit your partner…

We started with a focus mitt on each hand.  The drill was for us to put one pad in a punching position and the other pad in a kicking position.  For example, the first attack was a reverse punch to the stomach area and the second was a roundhouse kick to anywhere from low, side stomach to high to the side of the head.  As we did this drill, we needed to get progressively faster when moving from attack to the other.  After a while, we mixed up the movements from punches to double punches and kicks or double kicks.

Side by side hook kick…

This drill was different than any hook kick drill we have done before.  We stood facing forward, shoulder to shoulder next to our partner.  From this position, one of us threw a hook kick to our partners stomach.  I would have never thought that this drill was possible since I don’t recall ever seeing it before.  It seems that it would work well in close quarters self defense.

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