Kata and kumite – 2/28/09 – Saturday Karate class

Both Sensei Plocharczyk and Sensei Gatch spent time with our class today.

Kata but slower…

Sensei Gatch had us work on Bassai Dai but in slow motion.  He counted our each move for us and gave us corrections to little details that many (I) of us were missing.  For example, in the first move, most of us were not using enough power.  Sensei Gatch said that the first move of the kata needs to at least look like it would work and after having me hold the pad for many of my fellow students, I think we all got it.  We ended up going through Bassai Dai one and half times in 20 minutes with a new meaning to slow kata.

Double reverse punch…

Sensei Plocharczyk had us work on some Kumite drills.  We worked on a drill that I have done before but never really got a good handle on.  This particular drill was two steps with two reverse punches.  That description is a little misleading since the first punch goes almost at the mid point of the first step.  I had a really hard time getting my mind wrapped around this drill.  After that, Sensei gave us some time to work on free sparring.  I tried to use this drill when doing free sparring but I ended up throwing jabs and reverse punches instead of two reverse punches.  I really need some more practice with this one.

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