Hit me – 2/26/08 – Thursday Karate class

This class was a little smaller than most because of some bad weather but what we learned was certainly bigger.

One-inch punch…

After our warm up, Sensei Cieplik had us get a partner.  We stood in front of them, and did a double one-inch double punch.    We stood with our hands open and relaxed, touching our partners stomach.  From that point we dropped down, tightened our core, glutes and hands all at same time and punched.  The power generated from that short distance by just using our muscles that correct way was unreal.

Kata details…

We started with Heian Sandan.  From the from the nukite, Sensei had us go into a three quarter stance, then turn on balls of our feet and let hammer fist whip out, like a rock on the end of a rope.  Turning in the balls of the feet into the horse stance makes the movement much smother but I had a little problem getting into a good three quarter stance.

Next was Heian Yondan.  From the downward x block, Sensei had us turn our front foot out to the left and move into the back stance with double block.  That little move made the transition from back stance to front stance much smother.  The next move was the second side snap kick.  Sensei had us pull our leg in for right side side snap kick while keeping our upper body in the same position.  Keeping the upper body in the same position between those moves is going to take some practice.

Jion was up next.  From the upward x block, we did a three quarter stance and let hand whip like a rock on a rope when doing the outward block.  After the second kick and triple punch, torque the body, reach, move into cat stance and do the rising block, then push forward and down for the reverse punch.  The push forward and down is the key to the punch.

We finished up the kata details with Bassai Dai.  When doing the outward block and reverse strike the fist should end in same spot.   Also, when doing those movements,  turn the wrist at the last moment before completing the strike or block.

Hit me…

We did a drill the Sensei never had us do before.  He had all of the men line up and each women in the class when down the line and threw reverese punches each of us five times with each hand.  This gave the women in the class a chance to punch something, since Sensei feels that they do not hit things enough and to help develop all of the guys ab muscles.  I was really impressed with some of the ladies punches and would not want to take some of those punches to the face.

Awesome class!

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  1. lex says:

    i love your detailed blogs.
    keep up the good work and keep on training!

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