Do kata the right way – 2/16/09 – Monday Karate class

Sensei Brien had us spend the entire class working on kata but in a different way than we have before.

Make your kata perfect…

Sensei had us start wit Heian Shodan.  Each time he had us do the kata, he had us fix certain mistakes that he saw some of us make.  For example, the second time through he had us  make sure that we were turning on our heels.  The next time, he made sure that we were protecting our groin when moving.  We ended up Heian Shodan at least six times.

Next, we worked on Hiean Yondan with similar corrections as above.

For the final minutes of the class, Sensei had us work on our own kata but he wanted us to do it very, very slow and make each move perfect.  He wanted us to make our stances correct and lock our muscles on each move.  I have often done Bassai Dai very slowly in the past but I slowed it down even more.  It must have taken near five minutes to complete each kata at that pace.

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