Different Kata bunkai – 2/24/09 – Tuesday Karate class

Class tonight started with one of the tougher warm ups that we have had in a while.  Sensei Noia had us get a partner, one of us stood in the middle of the gym in a side thrust kick while the other ran to the end of the gym and back.  Our partner ran back and forth 10 times and then did a full kata at the far end before we could put our foot down.  We then did the other leg and it was our partners turn.

Kata bunkai…

I was tired out after the warm up.  For the rest of the class, we worked on bunkai from Heian Godan and Jion.

While working on Jion, we did the dropping block movement.  Our partner held a focus mitt about lower chest level and we reached up and did the dropping block with the forearm strike.  This felt like very powerful movement.  The dropping body weight and the twist of the wrist and forearm at the end was the key to getting the power.

We also worked on the kage zuki (hook punch).  Sensei had us work on getting the snap at  the end of the movement and not so much on hip rotation to generate our power.  This is a small movement so the snap and twist of the hand make the move effective.

We finished up with a couple of Heian Godan movements.   We spent a good amount of time working on the  outward block and upper cut punch.  When doing these moves in the kata on the air, you never really get the feel what striking something is like.  Our partner held one pad at about check level and the other over head level.   After a few tries and getting our aim correct, Sensei had us do the jump that follows those two moves.   We did this movement with the jump at least 10 times.

Finish with some kata…

After doing the bunkai from Jion on Heian Godan, Sensei had us do those two katas and think about the movements that we just worked on as if we were still striking our pads.  It did feel different and more realistic than before.

If you have the chance to work on your kata movements like this, I highly suggest you do.  Knowing how and where to strike or block really makes the kata feel much more realistic.

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