Takedowns can be painful – 1/10/09 – Saturday Karate class

Sensei Gatch started us out with a hard warm up.  We did 2 sets of suicides and 2 sets of low walks back and forth across the dojo.

Sparring drills…

Sensei Plocharczyk took us through almost a full hour of sparring drills.  We started with some simple drills, like shuffle in and jab.  Then came shuffle in, jab and reverse punch.  We then started working on front leg, roundhouse kicks.

Sensei then made things a little harder and we did shift in front leg roundhouse with rear leg roundhouse.  After that, we did a drill, that I have never done, where we stepped in, pivoted on the front leg and ended up next to our partner depending in if they threw a front leg roundhouse or read leg roundhouse.  This drill was to help us prepare for takedowns coming up.

The idea was to step in, out of the way of the roundhouse kick, block and catch the kick, turn your partner and take then down to the ground all in one smooth motion.  Easier said than done for me though.


Next came some free sparring.  I didn’t have a partner so Sensei Gatch was kind enough to beat on me for a few minutes.  The catch with the free sparring is that we could only score with a roundhouse to head or a takedown.  Sensei Gatch threw at least 15 kicks at me for the first 30 seconds but he couldn’t land them, luckily for me.  For the next round, he kinking put his big toe in my eye.  After that, he faked a roundhouse kick and took me down to the floor.  On the way down, I ended up straining my leg bicep.  Needless to say, my 220 pounds doesn’t hit the floor too gracefully but both us walked away without any serious damage to our bodies.

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