Kicking basics – 1/13/09 – Tuesday Karate class

This class was a little different today.  Sensei Noia had spend almost the entire time working on kicks.

Combination kicks…

We started moving across the gym doing combination kicks.  Front leg front snap kick, front leg roundhouse kick, front leg hook, front leg side thrust kick, rear leg roundhouse and front leg and front snap kick.  It was a hard group of moves and I ended up really hurting my left hip trying to keep up with all younger students.   I don’t think I need to keep up with them in the future.

Kick that pad…

I ended up sitting down for a few minutes after I hurt my hip but then jumped back in for next drill.  Sensei Noia had us get a partner and a pad drills.  He then had us throw front leg front snap kicks at our partner holding the pad.  Oddly enough, my hip popped and felt much better after the first kick so I was able to continue going forward.  We spent a good amount of time working on this drill.

Next, we stood in a front stance and did reverse punch to the pad our partner was holding.  I was working with one of our younger students and could not put a lot behind my punches so I focused on my hip rotation and my form instead of my power.  I really need better hip rotation so this wasn’t a bad thing for me.

Good class overall.

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