It does not get much better than this – 1/29/09 – Thursday Karate class

I can honestly say that the classes with Sensei Cieplik are always excellent but tonight was above and beyond.

It’s electric…

The entire class felt electric.  Every part of class felt just right even though it was a really hard class overall.

Sensei Cieplik had us start with an extended kicking warm up because the dojo was very cold.  He then gave us a hard combination kicking drill with front snap kick, side thrust kick to the side, back kick, roundhouse kick, hook kick, front snap kick and side thrust kick to the side.  All the hip movement was a killer but I was more than well warmed up.

Kumite drills…

Next came some kumite drills.  We started in high stances and did shift, stop and then jab.  Next was shift twice and jab and then shift three times and jab.

Next, Sensei gave us a little brain workout.  We did step forward with reverse punch and then step backward with reverse punch.  After that came step forward two times and three times with reverse punch on each step.

Horse stance with attention to the foot work…

Sensei had us get into a horse stance and step sideways into another horse stance while trying to keep out moving toes on the floor.  The idea is to keep contact with the floor while transitioning from one foot to the other.  We also did the same movements with both side thrust kick and side snap kick.

Stance drills with a twist…

This was an interesting drill.  We did a back stance with an outward block and from the position a downward punch

The next drill was fron stance, pivot on heal, turn into cat stance an push forward back into a front stance.  The reason again was to make sure that our stances were grounded and for us to attack with our legs.

Mucho kata…

Sensei had us do a lot of kata.  We started with Heian Shodan and went up from there.  We did all of the Heian katas, Tekki Shodon, Jion, Bassai Dai and Kanku Dai.

It was a great class.

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