Test results and a really good class – 12/15/08 – Monday Karate class

Well, I am a bit disappointed in myself.  I didn’t do as well at my test as I wanted to and received my results today.  I ended up clearing my keri from the last test and am now a full second kyu.  I really felt that I put everything I had into training and preparation for this test but it seems that my examiners saw something different.

After thinking about it for sometime tonight, I feel that I put myself ahead of where I should be.  For the last few months, since I have been training five times each week, I felt that I was getting better and better and once I received the “Most Improved” award at our Karate banquet, I thought I was doing really well but because of that, I seemed to let my head get ahead of my body somewhere.  I trained extremely hard for this test and because of the last few awesome classes that I had, I felt that I was ready for my Shodan in my mind.

Somewhere, I guess I let me head get the best of me and even though I put everything I had out on the floor at my test, it was certainly not enough to fulfill my fantasy.

Because of this, I feel that I need what I want to call remedial Karate.  I need to be like Rocky III and get back to basics.  All of that “Eye of the Tiger” type stuff.  Somewhere between green belt and now, I seem to have missed something in my basics that others have found and I plan on going back to my roots, so to speak, and find what is missing in my Karate.

On a very positive note, my wife, went up a full rank is now a first Kyu keri.  I am very happy that both her and my son, who is now also a second Kyu, did very well on their tests.  The trained hard and tested well and really deserved it.

Awesome class…

Even though I was disappointed in my results, I had an awesome class.  For odd reason, every move I did felt good and I think it is because the pressure of testing is over.

We started out doing some basics for those in the group that still needed to test.  When doing those, my power, spirit and stances felt better than ever.  My movements flowed from one to the next with more speed than before.  I was next to my son in class and was able to finished all of my movements nine out of ten times before him.  I felt so connected with my strikes that it brought my spirit up more then before.

Kicking up there for a change…

Sensei Brien had us get a partner for some drills.  The first drill was a simple shuffle in with reverse punch and shuffle out to get our timing.  For the next drill out partner could block and I was able to score on my partner all 10 times while she scored on me maybe twice.

The next drill shocked me.  Sensei had us shuffle up and front leg roundkick our partner.  I was able to kick my wife at shoulder level with my right leg and somewhere under rib level with my left.  I was never able to kick this high with such consistency so hopefully something good is happening with this body of mine.

Kata from the core…

Sensei Brien had us do a drill that I haven’t done in some time.  He told us to pick a kata and it slowly while focusing on squeezing our core during each movement.  I ended up doing Heian Shodan a couple times and then Bassai Dai.  It really makes the kata feel different when the core is activated so intensely.

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2 Responses to “Test results and a really good class – 12/15/08 – Monday Karate class”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on clearing your keri. Don’t let this exam’s results get you down. You should be concerned about the training not the exam’s. I would guess that you would be just as enthusiastic about your training sessions if your Sensei took all the colored belt’s away and replaced them with white belt’s.

  2. doug says:


    I am pretty much over it. I have a new plan on what and how I am going to improve my training overall. I have changed my class schedule a little and have a routine that I am working on at home now that focuses on my weak points which I never really did before.

    It is funny that you mentioned the white belt. Just today, I was talking with one of my Sensei’s and said that I have a renewed outlook at my training and feel like I did, in a good way, when I was a white belt.

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