Kick and counter kick – 12/9/08 – Tuesday Karate class

Today was an excellent class.  If was really a lot of fun for some reason.

Kick and counter…

Sensei Noia had us start out with some sparring drills.  He had us get a partner and start kicking each other back and forth to get us warmed up.  The next drill was for one of us to attack with a kick and the other to counter with only a kick.  This made it really interesting since I am so used to using my hands and not my legs for counter attacks.  The next drill was, one partner would attack, the other would block and counter with a kick.  The final drill was like that last but you could counter with a punch now.


Sensei took us through the more advanced basics for our exam.  Moving forward and backward, inward block from front stance, elbow strike in a horse stance and backfist combination.  Next was moving forward and backward with back stance, knife hand block, front snap kick and front stance spear hand.  He also took us through a bunch of kicking combination’s like front snap kick, side thrust kick, back kick, rounhouse kick and finish with reverse punch.

Between the groups of kihon, Sensei had us do one-step sparring with and without a partner.


Sensei then had us do our kata as if we were at our test.  Since we were already pretty tired after a hard class, doing kata at that time will give a good indication of how we can expect to be at our exam.  I was pretty tired but my kata felt relaxed too.

Do you know your Japanese…

Sensei had us finish class doing our Japanese translations, he said the move or combinations of moves in Japanese and we had to demonstrate it.  I had front stance, jodan jab but I ended up punching chudan for some reason, duh.

It was a fun class.

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