Karate exam – 12/14/08

Today was exam day for both my wife and I.

We got the exam very early so that we would have time to warm up and work relax.  We did some basics, all of the kata’s from Heian Shodan to Bassai Dai and one-step.

The test started about an hour late but it moved really fast.  There was little or no rest between the eight or ten different movements and combination’s.  I felt pretty good up until about the second from the last movement where I was running on almost no oxygen.  I was able to push through and finish all of them with was I thought was good power and a lot of spirit.

Next came the Japanese test.  Sensei said a movement in Japanese and we had to do it.  I had kizame zuki (jab) and uchi uke (outward block).  Some of you might think that uchi uke is inward block but in our club, it is outward block.

We went out for kata next and my Bassai Dai felt really good.  I did the kata in my own world and didn’t notice anyone around me.  I had good focus and I my moves felt automatic.

We finished up the test with one-step sparring.  The same four moves that we often do in class.  Front punch to head and stomach along with front snap kick and side thrust kick.

After that, we had the control test.  I had a lot of power but because of my hips, I was unable to push off my back leg and Sensei DiPasquale gave a me lesson on how my hips and back should engage.  Up until that point, I felt that I did really well but I am not sure what will come from my control test issues.

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