Sparring drills – 11/14/08 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us work on our sparring drills today.

All sparring…

The first drill we worked on was shift in and attack while our partner stood there as a target.  We then did a similar drill but our partner could block our attacks.  After that, our partner could block and counter our attacks and we changed sides so that both all got a chance to do each drill.

Free sparring…

Next, Sensei Noia had us test our skills, from the drills we were working on, with some free sparring drills.  I took Sensei’s advice from last week and waited for my partner to attack me instead of me chasing him down. It worked a little bit better but I still have more to learn.

Next, Sensei had all of us get into a circle.  From there, he told one of us to get in the center and he called one of us to go and spar.  After a few different people, another person would go into the middle and the do the same thing.  I still need some more work at this point but I am starting to get an idea of what doesn’t work for me.

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