Some Karate history – 11/15/08 – Saturday Karate class

Sensei Gatch had us start class doing Heian Shodan and kata’s all the way up to our own rank kata.  We have done this before but the part that made it interesting was the Karate history that he explained between every couple of kata’s.

Karate history…

One of the more interesting bits of information was the meaning of Bassai.  He said that this means the splashing of waves off the rocks in the ocean.

Sensei also talked about the meaning of Shotokan.  Shoto is pine waves or the movement of wind through a pine tree and kan which means house.

He also gave us the Japanese names of many the more complex moves from the various kata’s.

One-step down the line…

After our kata, Sensei Gatch had us work on one-step sparring.  We did it a few times with one partner and then he had us move to a different partner each time until we did an attack and a block with counter with everyone in the class.  This is pretty helpful considering that we have people of all different sizes when we do one-step at our exam.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    sounds fascinating

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