My front punch was connected – 11/29/08 – Saturday Karate class

Sensei Gatch gave us a good class today.  We started with a long jog around the dojo because it was really cold.

My front punch felt just right…

As part of our warm up, Sensei Gatch told us to step forward and backward with front punch across the length of the gym.  For the first time, I felt that all of my punches came from the grond up.  I really believe that if someone my own size or larger walked in front of my punches, it would stop them.  Moving backward felt even better because I could actually feel that power come up my leg from my heels.  It was a great feeling and on that I hope I will have more often than not.

Punch that pad…

Today, we were able to punch the pads for while.  We were only doing reverse punch and I didn’t have the same connection that I felt when doing the front punches but it was still good.  I hope that we punch the pads more often because I never feel that we do it enough.

Kata from start to finish…

The rest of the class was spent working on kata.  We started with Hiean Shodan all the way up to Tekki Shodan on our own with a short break between each one.  I really like classes like this because I enjoy doing all of the kata’s.  The interesting part is that all of my kata’s until Bassai Dai felt awesome.  Even though I was working through oxygen deprivation, the kata’s felt really connected and stronger than ever.

After we finished Tekki Shodan, Sensei had us do Jion to his count.  It fellt really good.  When doing the front snap kicks with sanbon zuki’s, my punches felt awesome.  My timing was better then ever for some reason and those moves were solid.  Next, we did Bassai Dai to Sensei’s count again and it felt really good too.  I was trying not to think when doing my kata’s and up until the end of this kata, it was working.

Next, Sensei said to do our own kata at our own speed.  I started doing Bassai Dai but I was thinking too hard about it and Sensei Gatch stopped me.  My moves felt so robotic for some reason.  I don’t know how I was able to do all of those other kata’s so well and then get too caught up thinking about my current kata that I have been doing.  Sensei Gatch told me that all of my other kata’s were really good so I am pretty satisfied about that but I really wish I could have ended the class with a good Bassai Dai.

Japanese terms you should know…

Before we lined up, Sensei Gatch asked each of us a Japanese Karate term and we had to show what move or stance it was.  I had Age Uke, rising block.

It was a really good class.

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